The History of Chicano Park web site supports MAS 350B: Mexican American Studies - Chicano History at San Diego State University. This class involves the study of the history of Chicanos since 1848, using Chicano Park as a point of departure for research and study. The main emphasis of the class will be to survey the major themes of Chicano history that are suggested by the murals of Chicano Park in Barrio Logan San Diego, and to do research on the park in order to contribute to its preservation by revealing the rich artistic and cultural legacy its embodies.

The Chicano Park Historical Documentation Project will serve as a vehicle to document and disseminate information on the art, culture, and history of Chicano Park to a large audience through the execution of all three phases of the project:

........Phase I.   Comprehensive Documentation Program
........Phase II.  Two part symposia series
........Phase III. Traveling exhibition

The Chicano Park Historical Documentation Project Committee, in conjunction with San Diego State University, is seeking support and funding for a multi-phased project focusing on the comprehensive documentation of the art, history, and culture of Chicano Park.

Project Co-Directors

Kathleen L. Robles, M.A., cultural anthropologist, San Diego State University
Richard Griswold del Castillo, Ph.D, historian, San Diego State University

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*Additional material reprinted by permission from "The Murals of Chicano Park, San Diego, California", By Pamela Jane Ferree, San Diego State University, 1994.

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