The Chicano Park Virtual Tour will let you see what the park looks like and where the murals are located. The Chicano Park Virtual Tour uses Quicktime VR technology that lets you use your mouse and keyboard to look around 360 degrees, zoom in or out of a scene, and navigate from one scene to another.

Click to take tour

Viewing The Tour
Each stop on the tour shows a 360 degree "movie" at each location. The quality of the movies is fantastic and will really give you the feeling of "being there." These movies are quite large (an estimated 500K each) and will take a long time to download on slow connections (such as a modem).

Location 1: A view from just west of the Kiosk.
Location 2: A view from southeast of the Kiosk.
Location 3: A view from the northeast section of the park.
Location 4: A view from the west end of the park.
Location 5: A view from the southeast section of the park.

To view the Chicano Park Virtual Tour, you'll need to have QuickTime installed. So if you tried to see the tour and were having trouble, your best bet is to download the latest version of QuickTime. Then return to this page (you can bookmark this page to return easily) and Take the Virtual Tour.

If you can't get it to work...
If you've download the latest version of QuickTime and still can't get it working (or just don't feel like getting it right now), you can look at some of the 360 degree panoramic photos of Chicano Park. The photos won't give you the same virtual feeling, but at least you'll be able to see the park.

Quicktime VR Help
To view the VR scene, click and hold your mouse button down inside the scene. While holding the mouse button down, move your mouse left, right, up or down. When your cursor changes to an arrow, you can click to move to another scene. To zoom in, hold down the Option key on Macintosh or the Shift key on Windows. To zoom out, hold down the Control key.