Voz Libre


P. H. Gonzalez VozLibre, P. H. Gonzalez, 1984
Michael Schnorr, Victor Ochoa, Guillermo Rosete, Yasue Doudera, Carlos Esparza.

……..Voz Libre is dedicated to Don Pedro Gonzalez, the owner of the first Spanish radio station in California. Michael Schnorr conceived the theme of the mural after viewing a documentary about Gonzalez who had worked as a telegraph operator for Pancho Villa. After serving time in San Quentin for charges later proved false, Gonzalez established his radio station.
……..The composition presents scenes of prison life and images from radio broadcasting. The slogan for the station, Voz Libre, and the call letters XEAU are found at the top of the mural.
…….. In the process of executing Voz Libre, Schnorr experimented with new materials and techniques. Instead of painting directly onto the concrete pylon as in his previous murals, Schnorr and his assistants created the design in his studio on five ten-foot-square panels of a polyester weave canvas that had been developed by a French muralist. The paints were oil-paint sticks which resembled crayons. When the composition was completed in the studio, the canvas panels were taken to the site where they were glued to the pylon, much like hanging wallpaper. Two days were required for hanging the mural.
……..Subsequently, Schnorr has utilized the techniques of producing large-scale designs within the studio which allows for people who cannot climb scaffolding to become involved in the designing and painting processes of murals.