Sueno Serpiente


Designed by Soccoro Gamboa, painted by Felipe Adame & Roger Lucero, 1978
Renovated, 1989: Mario Torero, Mano Lima
Renovated, 1991: Felipe Adame, Laurie Manzano.

……..Sueno Serpiente (Fig. 65) is a cosmic interpretation of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, previously discussed in the Quetzalcoatl abutment mural of the first mural phase and the Quetzalcoatl pylon of the second mural phase.
……..The dreaming serpent’s predominantly orange body floats within a complementary blue sky, producing a vibrating effect. Comparing the style and technique of Sueno Serpiente to the serpents in the lower panel of the Coatlicue mural would present an interesting study.