Female Inteligencia Mural

Celia Rodriguez, Tnna Lerma Barbosa, Antonia Mendoza, Rosalina Balaciosos, Barbara Desmangles & community volunteers.
……..The women of the RCAF arrived in San Diego before the men, and began a mural of their own design, without a full group consultation. Rosalina Balaciosos had previously attended the International Women’s Conference in Mexico City. Full of enthusiasm, she encouraged the other female members to join her in a mural celebrating women from around the world. Female Inteligencia presents five women in a variety of costumes and positions, holding up the heavens, alluding to the alternate title, Women Hold Up Half of Heaven. Below the central woman, a mother and child are engulfed within a golden halo. The mother’s arms embrace the world, which supports the child in front of her. Further down the pylon, a reclining woman presents the Chinese Ying/Yang, symbol of duality, woman/man, good/bad, light/dark, life/death. She is supported by a rainbow of music produced by two nude female flautists, evoking the imagery of Henri Matisse.
……..The south lateral panel of pylon number six originally contained a mural by the RCAF presenting the image of Joan Little, a black woman imprisoned in a North Carolina jail and killed by a white guard who had abused her sexually. Above her image, the RCAF painted a poem which she had written. The portrait of Joan Little is no longer extant, but the poem remains: