Cosmic Clowns

Congreso de Artistas Chicanos en Aztlan: Mario Torero, Pablo de la Rosa, Tomas Casteneda, Felipe Barboza, 1974
Renovated, 1992: Mario Torero, Pablo de la Rosa, Tomas Casteneda
……..Cosmic Clowns (Fig. 25) presents a series of clown faces floating within a star-studded space of glass beads embraced by two large yellow arms and hands. Felipe Barboza, Mario Torero, and Tomas Casteneda painted the three clowns across the horizontal expanse of the pylon. On one level, the clowns were illustrated for the children who play in the park, as a relief from angry, revolutionary imagery, as in the Rage of La Raza.
……..On a second level, the clowns were insulting to local residents and park activists. The Chicano Park Steering Committee did not appreciate the inference that the park was a home to clowns, and that efforts in revitalizing Barrio Logan were not to be taken seriously.
…….. Pablo de La Rosa painted the image of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, entwined around a violet sacred heart. The feathered serpent’s body, composed of varying shades of green dots, shimmers as would iridescent bird feathers or a glistening snake skin.