Children’s Mural


Victor Ochoa & Lowell Elementary School children. Renovated, 1986.
……..The Children’s Mural (Fig. 22) represents every child’s dream of being granted permission to write on the wall. The children who were allowed such a luxury were enrolled at Lowell Elementary School in Logan Heights. Victor Ochoa was their artistic supervisor. Ochoa was one of the first artists to work with Lowell in establishing a Children’s Mural Program.
……..The Children’s Mural has been referred to as a graffiti mural because of the variety of symbols presented in lieu of a unified composition. Stick figures of children and horses float upon an empty turquoise background. The imagery then becomes dense with backgrounds of various colors. Viva La Raza, Brown Power, and Chicano Power are slogans found within the mural as well as Mexican pyramids, the sacred heart, and the huelga eagle. A more unified section of the mural presents the profile of a native warrior in an elaborate costume and headdress, with a series of speech scrolls issuing from his mouth. In the background, a stepped pyramid appears from behind a native princess. The Children’s Mural is one of three murals painted by children in Chicano Park.