Chicano Park Logo


Designed by Rico Bueno
Painted by Carlotta Hernandez, 1974
……..The lower section of pylon number four contains the logo for Chicano Park (Fig. 24), with the founding date of the park, April 22, 1970. A hand reaches up to place a blue dot on San Diego, illustrating the location of Chicano Park with the greater homeland of Aztlan, which is painted red within the map of the United States.
Rage of La Raza
Mario Torero, 1974.
Above the Chicano Park Logo, Mario Torero painted the Rage of La Raza (Fig. 24), the rage of the people, of Mexican-American people, although his figures appear to have Asian facial features. A male face peers outward with a look of intense distrust, while a nude woman confronts the viewer, with a gun in her left hand. She holds the hand of a child of the future who appears to be gliding upon an undulating green ribbon. “These images symbolized the inter-national and cosmic character of the [Chicano] movement. Above the Rage of La Raza, a cosmic landscape contains Saturn, the sun, and a swastika within a central radiating disc.